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How has Enel X Way Become One of the World’s Largest EV Charging Companies?

It’s 2022, and the world is on the cusp of an electric vehicle revolution. EV sales are steadily increasing and charging stations are becoming more plentiful and ubiquitous across the globe. With the growing emphasis on a zero-emission future, the EV market is rife with new businesses vying for a spot in the game. In an environment like this, it can be difficult to know who to trust. Luckily, there are a number of established EV companies out there, whose product quality speaks for itself. One of these companies is Enel X Way. With roots 80 years deep, Enel X Way is a proven leader in not only the EV market, but in the world of green energy in general.

An Electrified Past

While there are many fresh faces to the EV charging game, and we will undoubtedly be meeting many more, Enel X Way has deep and proven roots in electrification. As a subsidiary of Italy’s Enel (the country’s National Electricity Board), it could be said that Enel X Way was born with charging and electrification imprinted into its DNA. Enel, launched at the end of 1962, was charged with the mission to electrify all of Italy. They accomplished this by modernizing and further developing the country’s electricity grid, extending it out to the Italian islands and other rural areas. Modernizations included developing new means of energy production with an early emphasis on renewables such as thermal and hydroelectric.

Enel Italy

In the 80 years since Enel’s inception, they have witnessed and overcome a number of energy crises by adapting to challenges and taking seriously the finite nature of fossil fuels paired against a booming global population. With nearly a century of experience, Enel laid the groundwork and infrastructure for Italy’s modern electrical grid and has now extended its reach across the globe. The company introduced Enel X in 2017 to lead the transformation of the energy sector with an open strategy that focuses on sustainability and innovation. In 2022, the Enel Group restructured and officially introduced its new subsidiary Enel X Way, their global business line entirely dedicated to electric mobility. Since launching, Enel X Way has already established 16,000 charging points in Italy, making it the largest nationwide infrastructure network currently available to EV drivers. Enel X Way is now active in 17 countries across North and South America, Europe, and Asia and manages over 320,000 charging ports. As more companies begin their journey towards a carbon free future, Enel X Way continues to build and innovate to support these efforts.

How Enel X Way Delivers As One Of The World’s Largest EV Companies

In its short time as an independent operation, Enel X Way has already become one of the largest EV charging companies in the world. They have accomplished this by applying the Enel Company’s values and techniques to the growing EV charging market. Enel X Way has established itself as a top 3 EV charging business in terms of strong supplier relationships, sustainable business practices and  innovative product development.

Enel X Way Hub

Exceptional Product Development

Enel X Way’s line of Juicebox Chargers is world-class, award-winning, and noted as some of the best currently available anywhere. Enel x Way products are designed to not only fulfill the current EV charging needs of residences and businesses, but to also address the future requirements of the coming EV boom as new fossil fuel vehicle production is phased out. CNET, Car and Driver, and others have deemed the Juicebox the “Overall Best Charger,” and Enel X’s JuiceEco was awarded the 2021 E&E Top Product of the Year. With more than 110,000 charging stations deployed across North America, EV drivers currently use Enel X Way universal charging stations every 2.6 seconds. 

Along with Enel X Way’s top-rated hardware comes the programming necessary to deliver sophisticated performance features that are easy to use and understand. JuiceNet is Enel X Way’s cloud-based platform for EV load management and optimization. Juicenet helps improve electric grid reliability and reduces total cost of EVSE ownership through more in-tune charging patterns. By having in-tune charging patterns, the strain on the electric grid is spread out rather than weighed down in one area, which helps prevent overload during peak use. This platform won a Silver Edison Award in 2018 as well as PLMA recognition as a 2021 tech pioneer for their efforts to provide critical relief to California’s power grid during an intense 2020 heatwave. 

HiON Distribution Provides US Businesses with Enel X Way Products

HiON Distribution is dedicated to bringing the best EV charging products to American businesses, which is why we exclusively distribute Enel X Way products. Enel X Way’s dedication to building a carbon free future through world-class products and customer experience sets them far and above the competition, and we’re proud to be an official partner.

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