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Enel X Way Plans to Install More Than Two Million EV Chargers in the United States by 2030

This past April, Enel X Way, the Italian maker of the award-winning JuiceBox EV charging station, announced plans to install two million stations in North America by 2030. The plan includes Level 2 residential, commercial and public chargers, as well as more than 10,000 DC fast charging stations. 

As Italy’s largest utility company, Enel has been a global leader at the forefront of smart EV charging station solutions since 2017. Their growing presence in North America is a huge step in facilitating the expansion of the continent’s EV infrastructure that will be necessary in order to accommodate the full weight of the coming electric vehicle boom.  With growing electric vehicle sales, more and more automakers focusing on EV development, and the ambitious goal of the Biden-Harris administration to have 50% of all new vehicle sales be electric by 2030, reliable charging stations are going to be an absolute necessity. The sheer number of chargers Enel X Way plans to deliver will be a great step and a much-needed contribution toward accommodating this transition. 

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How Enel X Way’s Plans Will Benefit EV Drivers

Help Eliminate Range Anxiety

One of the biggest hurdles in transitioning to zero-emission vehicles is eliminating range anxiety. Range anxiety is the fear of running out of charge before making it back home or finding a working charging station. Although a “less is more” approach can be beneficial in many areas of green energy, in terms of charging stations, more is definitely more. The more available charging stations, the faster we  can get to a future where charging an EV is as easy as filling up at a gas station. This is an integral part of the government’s effort to jumpstart US EV infrastructure expansion within the next seven years. Enel X Way reports that it has already installed over 177,000 chargers in the United States in Canada –an additional two million more will go a long way toward easing range anxiety nationwide.

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JuiceBox Charging Stations Benefit the Electric Grid

Enel X Way’s flagship charging station is its JuiceBox series charger, which utilizes JuiceNet technologies. Chargers, paired with the JuiceNet platform, deliver reliable, fast charging based on smart technology that sources electricity when it is at a surplus. Learn more about Juicenet  HERE

With experts predicting 350 million electric vehicles on the road by the end of the decade, Business Insider estimates that we will need 2.13 million Level 2 charging stations to accommodate them. This may also put more of a strain on our electrical grids. The JuiceNet technology is designed to ease grid strain by distributing the load so no specific part of an electrical network gets overworked. Enel X Way also designed JuiceBox to evolve and grow as electric vehicle and grid technologies advance.

JuiceBox Chargers Save Businesses Money

JuiceBox chargers have many benefits for businesses. By utilizing electricity when it is at a surplus, JuiceNet can cut down on overall energy costs, which can be a large financial drain on a business. If paired with solar-powered chargers, some businesses can even create surpluses of electricity on their own and eliminate this part of their utility bill altogether.

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Enel X Way is also helping business entities access funds available through the US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program (NEVI) in order to offset the cost of installing, hosting, and maintaining electric vehicle charging equipment. Funds from the IRA can offset up to 30% of installation cost for new electric vehicle charging stations. Enel X Way offers leasing and financing options so business owners interested in providing  electric vehicle charging stations at their locations are able to do so even if they lack the means, or would prefer to avoid  a large, up-front investment. Enel X Way also offers an option where it will handle the ownership and operation of the chargers, and the business merely hosts them for a monthly fee.

HiON Distribution is committed to delivering the best Enel X Way EV charging products to American businesses, homes, and public spaces. Our representatives are standing by to help you find the best charging solutions to fit your needs.

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