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Ensure The Greatest and Greenest Charge with Enel X Way’s JuiceNet Technologies

By 2030 experts predict that there could be upwards of 350 million electric vehicles on the road globally. While that many zero-emission vehicles will greatly improve our air quality and relieve some of the global dependence on fossil fuels, some might be concerned about the potential for strain on electric grids. Two big questions are, can our electrical infrastructure withstand the oncoming boom of electric vehicles, and what can be done now so that adequate and reliable charging can continue to be available now and long into the future?

Thankfully, as the Union for Concerned Scientists reports, the electric grid is well equipped to handle the current demand from electric vehicles, and will continue to be as more EVs hit the road. This is thanks, in part, to technologies and platforms like Enel X Way’s JuiceNet and JuiceNet Green that are designed to maximize charging while minimizing grid strain.

 JuiceNet is an electric vehicle charging platform that is designed to accommodate our current EV charging needs while also adapting to demand as EV charging becomes more prevalent. JuiceNet’s intuitive design provides many benefits to EV owners, EVSE operators, the environment, and the electric grid. Let’s explore more about JuiceNet here:

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What Is JuiceNet and How Does It Work?

Simply put, JuiceNet is an optional clean charge software add-on available for any residential JuiceBox or JuiceNet-enabled EV charging station. The platform is designed to enable the cleanest possible charge for EVSE by determining the greenest times to charge an electric vehicle. It does this by assessing the charging habits of its users and honing in on when green energy from wind and solar power are most abundant and when fossil fuel energy sources are at their lowest. JuiceNet monitors these levels, and charges at optimal times to meet the requirements of both charging habits and availability of clean energy. 

In more technical terms, JuiceNet is Enel X Way’s patented communication, control, and intelligence platform that dynamically matches the historical charging patterns of EV drivers along with real-time input and signals from grid operators and utilities. This helps aggregate and manage charging station demand across the electricity grid.

The JuiceNet platform applies open APIs to control WiFi connected charging stations in order to coordinate and accommodate for periodic changes in charge rate and timing. This is done automatically but drivers have the ability to override this option if they need to charge within a specific timeframe. JuiceNet is as easy to set up as it is to operate and is compatible with all JuiceBox enabled EVSE.

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The Benefits of JuiceNet

JuiceNet can provide many benefits both to the individual utilizing it for their personal EV charging, as well as to the broader communal electric grid. Utilizing optimal times for green energy and reducing use of fossil-fuel sourced electricity can positively affect air quality and alleviate grid strain.

JuiceNet Can Save Users Money

In simple economic terms, things are generally cheaper when there’s a surplus. This is no different for electricity. JuiceNet essentially monitors for when there’s more or less of a surplus of green energy and optimizes charging for these specific periods of time. By doing this, it can bring down the cost of an electricity bill. It may also produce an increased demand for green energy, which in the long term could positively impact supply, bringing overall costs down even more. Beyond the cost of charging, users can save money with grid charging incentives through local or national initiatives.

Using JuiceNet Improves the Grid

Through its intuitive design, JuiceNet is able to capitalize on peak periods of clean energy. Meanwhile, it alleviates grid strain, by channeling charging into times when there is more available electricity. With high utilization rates, JuiceNet can improve grid economics and  benefit all active users of that grid, while also helping reduce demand on electric transformers by reducing charging ramp rates. All of these qualities assist the grid by helping spread the charging load around to make for the greenest and most sustainable charge.

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Download JuiceNet and Start Maximizing Your Charge Today

There are just a few of the ways the JuiceNet platform can benefit businesses, individuals, and the grid at large. HiON Distribution is an official US distributor of Enel X Way’s JuiceNet compatible charging stations. Find out more about Enel X Way chargers or make a purchase here on the HiON Distribution website.

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