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Get the Most out of Your EV Charging Station

There are plenty of good reasons for managers and business owners to install EV charging stations on their premises. 

As electric vehicles become more plentiful, it becomes more important for businesses to stay in step with this rising trend. Many enterprises are finding it essential to put environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals at the top of their agendas. And for retail businesses, there’s the advantage of providing a convenience for customers that will keep them coming back—and staying awhile. 

Businesses of all types can establish goodwill by providing convenient access to charging stations for EV owners. An important part of that is making it easy to pay for the service. There are several ways to process payments at an EV charging station. But one in particular offers unique advantages—especially for fleet operators, businesses, homeowner’s associations, and establishments of any kind that want to provide specialized privileges to their people.

The RFID Advantage

Since its introduction in the 1980s, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) has found a wide range of commercial uses. Retailers use it to track their inventory. Manufacturers use it to monitor the progress of items in the assembly process. And consumers use it each time they tap their credit cards for a purchase. 

Many of us were introduced to RFID technology when we suddenly found ourselves being invited to tap our cards at the checkout stand, rather than swiping the magnetic strip. A few of us noticed the new RFID symbols on the back of our newly issued cards, which took a variety of forms:

RFID Symbols

RFID symbols on the back of credit cards signaled a new era in commercial technology.

Retailers began to encourage the use of this new technology because it offers several advantages over the older magnetic strip and barcode systems. But few consumers were aware of the amazing new capabilities at their fingertips. When a person taps her RFID card at the card reader, several things happen in an instant:. The card conveys its identity and other information in encoded form. The app in the card reader must have a secret key to process this encrypted data. If the key in the reader doesn’t match that in the card, the card can block access. This effectively prevents unauthorized use of the card.  This, along with the elimination of physical contact and the necessity of a PIN (which can be stolen) makes RFID transactions remarkably secure for all parties.  

In terms of EV charging, organizations can use RFID cards to extend exclusive benefits to the people they interact with. With company-specific RFID cards, employees, members, customers or residents can experience the convenience of accessing any of the chargers in their network—with the tap of a card. Card recipients can also receive discounts on charging services, making the cards even more attractive.

RFID Phone Charger

RFID Cards for Fleet Use

RFID cards are especially useful for organizations that operate fleets. Beyond the convenience and implied privilege, the cards can ensure that charging is only accessible to vehicles authorized by the organization. The system manager can also use the compiled data to track charging station usage.

RFID Cards for Multi-tenant Housing Communities

For housing communities that want to offer valuable amenities to their residents, RFID cards are a smart choice. EV charging stations are becoming more essential for such communities, and providing exclusive RFID access to residents is a way to be sure that the chargers are being used only by community residents.

Man Happy to be Using Juice Box EV Charger

Why an RFID Card Is Better than a Phone App

RFID cards offer some distinct advantages over other payment options. For instance, some EV chargers nowadays allow customers to pay using a phone app. This can be convenient—unless the customer’s phone is dead, in a bad reception area, or at another location. Then the customer may find herself stuck at an undesired location without the ability to charge her car. The “convenience” becomes a nightmare! An RFID card eliminates that problem. 

Possessing a physical card can give the customer peace of mind by providing convenience and security. There’s also the symbolic value of having a specially issued RFID card. It can serve as a token of exclusive access and privilege, much like an entrance key or membership card.

With all that capability,  RFID cards are also quite  inexpensive. They can be purchased in bulk for a few cents apiece.    

For all these reasons, RFID cards provide great benefits to their users and issuers. Smart managers and business owners know they can enhance their bottom line by making life easier and more pleasant for customers and employees. And many operators of EV charging stations are using RFID cards to that end. 

How might RFID cards benefit your business, club, agency, multi-tenant housing community, or fleet operation? 

It’s worth exploring. And HiOn Distribution is here to help.

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