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As a business owner, whether to host an electric vehicle charging station on your property may be entering your mind more and more. Considering the available funding, tax credits, and opportunity to provide added value to your customers and team members, the question may already be shifting from “should?” to “how?” And while partnering with HiON Distribution assures you start with best-in-class equipment, it is still important to be aware of the requirements necessary to host charging stations of your own. Here’s our quick breakdown of what requirements your property may need to meet.

First Things First: What Kind Of Charging Station Should You Install?

There are multiple types of EVSE charging stations, and if you aren’t super familiar with the different levels, we have a detailed breakdown of them HERE. Though there are several options, we strongly recommend installing at least a Level 2 charging station, or a DC fast charging station if your commercial property has the means. While Level 1 charging stations have fewer electrical requirements and are fine if you’re providing all-day charging for a single-family residence, the strength of a Level 2 charger or above is really necessary if you want to provide charging for more than one vehicle per day. You can read more about that HERE.

EV charging station at a business

Does Your Business Have The Space Requirements To Host An Electric Vehicle Charging Station?

Physical space is the simplest requirement to consider when thinking of hosting a charging station. Your property will need to allocate parking spaces for electric vehicles to occupy while charging, so having those spaces available is step one. If your business owns its parking lot or garage, that is the best case scenario, but if not, there are ways to work around that.

Scalability is also something that should cross a business owner’s mind when thinking of hosting EVSE in an expanding EV charging infrastructure. Offering any amount of EV charging stations can set yourself apart from your current competitors with many benefits to your business, but with an estimated 26.4 Million Electric Vehicles to be on U.S. Roads by 2030, having the space to accommodate future customers in the full wave of the EV boom could  pay off  for years to come. Accessibility to these spaces, however many you should offer, is also something to think about, as convenience can affect a customer’s overall experience.

More To Consider

Beyond merely having the physical space to devote to EV charging stations, it’s also important to consider other factors that can help make your charging station as attractive as possible. A safe charging experience is of the utmost importance, and therefore, good lighting should be a priority. You may also want to address any lingering, outdated worries customers may have such as being shocked by the charger. Though there is little to no actual chance of electrocution, and EV chargers are designed to be safely used in the rain, adequate drainage should alleviate any anxieties surrounding pooling water.

illustration of a car charging at a station at night

Does Your Business Have The Electrical Requirements To Host An EV Charging Station?

Depending on the amount and types of EVSE, you will also need the appropriate electrical infrastructure to accommodate them. Your property might already have the necessary wattage in place to provide for Level 2 chargers, which as stated by need, “dedicated 240–volt or 208–volt electrical circuits, similar to what is required for a clothes dryer or electric range.” DC Fast Chargers, on the other hand, provide the fastest charge available but require much more electricity. According to the California Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Project, “Currently available DC fast chargers require inputs of at least 480 volts and 100 amps, but newer chargers are capable of up to 1000 volt and 500 amps (up to 360 kW).” These chargers offer a lightning fast charge to your customers, but also will bring added strain to your electrical system, so properly surveying what your property can offer and withstand is crucial.

When You’re Ready to Add EV Charging to Your List of Business Offerings, We’ll Be Here to Help

Driven by a commitment to provide high quality, low-cost fast charging solutions to American businesses, HiON Distribution is the official US distributor of Enel x Way’s award winning products. No matter the size of your business or scale of your charging needs, HiON is here to help bring them to life.

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