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With the EV boom in full swing, having commercial EV charging stations at your business or property is a smart move. More and more electric vehicle drivers will not only be hitting the road in the coming years, but they will also be looking for reliable and convenient places to charge their vehicles. Although it’s great to establish your business early in customers’ minds as somewhere with charging stations available, it’s equally important to give your customers reasons to remember that little extra that makes your business THE best EV charging destination in town. 

The last few years have seen great strides for making EV charging easier and more accessible to drivers, but there is still some distance to travel on the road to making EV charging as convenient as filling up for gas. Adding some extra perks to make the EV charging experience at your business more memorable and enjoyable for your customers could benefit you with long term returns in the form of repeat customers. Here are some simple ways to level up your commercial EV charging stations to make them the most popular in the neighborhood.

JuiceBox commercial installation at office building

1. Make Your Station Inviting

Think of anywhere you wouldn’t mind spending at least 20 minutes. Whether you’re in your car, or out stretching your legs, there are many factors that make a place pleasant and desirable. Keeping your charging stations clean and well lit are the simplest. Your business most likely already has a maintenance program, so having a few more trash cans available and keeping them emptied regularly is an easy add. Simple landscaping with low maintenance plants or flowers is also a good way to add some curb appeal. Offering snacks and drinks in nearby vending machines, as well as water fountains and bathrooms also give drivers a reason to choose you over other options.

2. Make Your Station Safe

Zero-emission drivers will need reliable charging stations at all hours of the day, so making sure they know your location is safe can help reassure them and keep them coming back. Ample lighting helps promote a secure environment, and so do security cameras, signs, and security guards. If you prefer not to attract customers at all hours of the day, after hours signage with a support line or directions to a nearby station also shows goodwill and can establish trust and rapport with your customers.

Enel X Way

3. Make Your Station Even More Useful

An EV charging station already adds another reason for visitors to frequent your property, but creating a full-service stop can make your location a top draw. Clean restrooms are a priority for a lot of weary travelers – especially families with small children.  A pet relief area with waste bags and trash cans is another way to provide an added perk for travelers or shoppers who like to keep their four legged friends close by at all times. Offering free WIFI and some tables and chairs is a bonus for drivers who are working on the go, or who want to enjoy some downtime on their smart devices. Exercise equipment is another option to keep people busy while they charge their vehicles.

4. Make Your Station Fun

There are countless ways to make your commercial EV charging station stand out as the go-to pick. A swing set or playground equipment gives parents a reason to choose your station over the other guys’. Vintage arcade games are another way to entice customers while adding a passive revenue stream. Or you might consider an outdoor game like cornhole, ping pong, or a putting green to set yourself apart from your EV charging peers.  A waiting area with screens showing movies or TV shows can help your customers comfortably pass the time. These are just a few of the limitless options that can make your EV charging station a fun experience for customers without too much added expense or upkeep.

Auto dealership with Enel X Way EV charging

5. Make Your Station Reliable

As with everything in business, consistency is key. However you choose to set apart your business and EV charging stations, maintaining consistency is paramount to your success, and that starts with the EV charging station itself. HiON Distribution provides buyers with Enel X Way products, which is one of the foremost charging equipment  brands in the world. Best-in-class charging stations can deliver a reliable experience with less headache. However you choose to differentiate yourself, if you are consistent  you’ll be a reliable destination for the customers and a favorite place to charge.

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