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As more and more consumers make the switch to electric vehicles (EV), organizations of all types are discovering that it makes sense to provide EV charging stations for their customers, clients, residents, employees, and associates. 

The benefits of hosting a publicly accessible EV charging station are many: 

  • Enterprises of all types can improve their brand value by being technologically up-to-date and socially responsible. 
  • For businesses, having customers spend more time in their establishments leads to higher sales. 
  • With generous federal, state, and local subsidies, EV charging stations are now more affordable than ever.

Beneficiaries of this emerging trend include auto dealers, housing complexes, public agencies, convenience stores, and retail businesses of all types. Many electrical contractors have also discovered the lucrative business that’s attainable in this emerging niche.

But how does one choose the right company to provide and install an EV charging station? Here are five things to look for when choosing an EV charging station company—listed in increasing order of importance:

EV Car Charging

5. History of Success in the Industry

The most obvious requirement for any company you’re considering—they should know what they ‘re doing! The EV industry is still young. Not all the firms in this field have the experience and track record to provide reliable service. The last thing you need is to have to backtrack after investing your time and money. It’s important to get it right the first time,  and that means working with a company that has a clear track record of success.  

The HiOn Distribution team has years of experience operating in this field and  achieving solid results for our clients large and small. We know the ins and outs of the business—the tax breaks and rebates that can make it all worthwhile and the pitfalls to avoid. HiOn is also proud to be an official distributor of Enel X Way products, made by one of the most prestigious firms in the EV industry. Together, our experience and Enel X Way’s reputation for product excellence can make your investment in an EV charging station safe, cost-effective and worthwhile for the long term.

4. Industry-Leading Clients and Partners

Another obvious question for any company that wants your business: Who are your existing clients? Industry-leading companies typically go for the best in any product or service they use. Their practices can provide a reliable indicator of firms that provide top-quality products and services. 

As Enel X Way distributors, we’re providing the same EV chargers used by high profile locations including Gillette Stadium and the Shrine Auditorium. Enel X Way also has established partnerships with Honda, Volvo, Audi, among other top firms in the automotive field and others.

Customer Service Representative

3. Strong Customer Support Network

It’s one thing to have a shiny new bank of impressive equipment installed on your premises. It’s another to have the ongoing help you need to maintain it over the long term. Enel X Way  provides that, with a  2-year limited warranty and optional extended warranty.  And as a distribution partner, HiON is available to answer all your questions before, during and after the installation process. 

The end result: reliable protection for your investment—and peace of mind.

2. Technology-Forward Software

The best charging stations use cutting-edge technology to make them easy to use and maintain. The proprietary software that Enxel X Way utilizes can give you detailed reporting and advanced energy management to optimize your investment. You can access and control your EV charging system remotely for maximum speed and convenience, and the operating system is designed to evolve with industry advances, so you can always stay up to date with tomorrow’s fast-moving EV technology.

EV Charging App Payment

1. Best-In-Class Products That Have Been Field- and Time-Tested

EV charging stations must meet several needs at once. Beyond providing fast and convenient EV charging for consumers, they should also be: 

      • Affordable
      • Durable
      • Proven to function well over time in various settings 
      • Convenient to install
      • Compatible with EVs of all types
      • Compact enough to fit in a wide range of locations
      • Easy to program and manage 
      • Able to provide pertinent reporting data

The products we distribute fulfill all these requirements and more. 

Enel X Way offers a broad selection of EV chargers and accessories to meet the needs of all users—from the consumer who wants a simple home charger to the most sophisticated institutional client.

JuiceBix Pro Charger

Residential EV Charging Stations

Enel X Way’s JuiceBox line provides efficient, affordable convenience for residential users. These home EV charging stations can be easily managed from a cell phone and can charge an EV up to nine times faster than standard wall plugin chargers. This family of products includes six offerings, from the JuiceBox 32 Hardwire to the JuiceBox 40 14-50 Plug-In—each one remarkably affordable and suited to the unique needs of the individual consumer.

JuicePump 175

Commercial EV Charging Stations

Enel X Way offers Level 2 and Level 3 charging stations to meet the needs of commercial and institutional clients regardless of size. The JuicePump series combines state-of-the-art technology with manufacturing excellence to provide the best possible performance, durability, reliability and flexibility. JuicePump chargers are compact, requiring minimal infrastructure modification. Consumers can charge their EV batteries up to 80 percent capacity in as little as 20 minutes. Clients can generate revenue by choosing an unattended payment terminal and in-app software payment option.   

You can choose from among several JuicePump options depending on your specific needs:

  • JuicePump 175kW 
  • JuicePump 150kW
  • JuicePump 50kW 
  • JuiceStand Pro 
  • JuiceBox Pro  
  • JuiceBox Pro 40

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Our representatives will show you the unique features of each Enel X Way model, so you can find the perfect EV charger for your needs.

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