JuicePump 175kW

LTE 4G, and Ethernet-enabled smart EV charging station (Level 3 DCFC station) featuring two charging ports

  • Attract new customers or tenants by offering fast charging
  • Drivers can charge electric vehicles up to 80% battery capacity in under 20 minutes
  • Allow drivers to easily access and pay via mobile device or optional credit card terminal
  • Drivers can charge conveniently with two 13.5 ft cables
  • Save on CAPEX with modular and field upgradable DCFC
  • CCS-1 and CHAdeMo compliance ensures compatibility with all EVs (Tesla requires adapter)
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty for commercial usage with optional 3-year extension
  • Option to generate revenue with unattended payment terminal (UPT) and in-app software payment option
  • Leverage the JuiceNet Enterprise software for user authentication, additional payment options, and advanced energy management and reporting

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Boost your business’ electric vehicle infrastructure with JuicePump™ 175kW, an advanced version of the JuicePump 50kW DC fast charging (DCFC) solution. Install at a low cost with utility or government incentives to attract new customers that drive electric vehicles. Drivers can charge up to 80% within 20 minutes. Minimize maintenance fees with a state-of-the-art liquid-cooling system that keeps your DCFC operating smoothly in all conditions and allows maximum power delivery to vehicles with both 400V and 800V batteries. JuicePump 175kW is built to last and made for high utilization customer needs including fleets and re-fueling stations.

  • Faster charging
    Drivers can charge vehicles up to 80% in under 20 minutes
  • Eligible for incentives
    JuicePump is approved for utility and state-sponsored incentive programs including CALeVIP, MassEVIP and others
  • Plug and Charge Support (soon to be available)
    Charge your vehicle easily and safely without the need to authenticate yourself using any software, RFiD card, mobile app
  • Attract EV drivers
    Put your business on the map and join a fast-growing network that serves thousands of EV drivers
  • Universal compatibility (for USA & Canada)
    CCS-1 and CHAdeMO compliance ensures compatibility with all EVs (Tesla requires adapter)
  • Smart Charging Software
    Use the JuiceNet software platform to restrict station access and collect payment